Stephanie Vance — Delmar, Delaware

Have you seen this w***e in your man’s inbox? Her name is Stephanie Vance and she wants your man if she’s sent him any slutty nudes. If he’s already f****d her, cheated on you for this tramp, your relationship is in serious trouble, just like hers. She’s a gym rat who hooks up with random c***s when she can, although her preference is for married d**k. She’s sneaky and uses different names that might make you think the name is one of his friends. She’s been around the gym and knows many of the guys there by pet names. Shes been bent over many a home gym weight bench, maybe even the one your husband owns.

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  • This gym wh0re sounds like a real piece of work!

    You’re supposed to go to the gym to exercise, not hook up with men!

    This Stephanie s***k sounds like this low-life, stinky pu5sy, gym wh0re, named: Elise Janais Brown from the Knoxville, TN area. That nympho sl>t had a video made of a train being run on her at the gym. These slimy gym wh0res are filthy c*m buckets!