Roxana Caro, Liar & Thief

Posted on Florida

First time ever encountering a sociopath-psychopath. Pathological lying, manipulating, violence, hypocrisy, rage and a big track record of being a w***e. Roxana Caro is promiscuous and has no problem spreading her legs for anyone, There’s nothing special about her, she f**s everyone. Roxana caro is a LIAR and THIEF. She’s cunning & manipulative she’s very dangerous and needs to be exposed. She has no problem using anyone that comes her way for her very own convenience. weather it is for money, s*x or drugs, place to live. Doesn’t matter the loyalty from the other party, roxana caro will screw you over, steal from you as she has done to many others in her life. Roxana caro is scum of the earth. Search the internet and you will find her mug shot and many articles of her. Be very careful of this piece of shyt.

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