Orit Maimon The Mother Of @Sccit Fetishizes Over Black Dick. Hit Her Up #+1 818-321-8850

Posted on California

This is a situation that keeps getting interesting. This is the Mother of Jeremy Maimon/ Elior Jeremy Maimon better known as Sccit. Orit is best known for being a real estate agent within the California area. However , what I’ve discovered is two things one shes leading a double life and two she fetishizes over black d**k. Which would make his father a cuckold by standards. I actually contact this bird brain dickslurping c**t face b***h and to my surprise she was more interested in me and who I was than anything else.

For those that are reading this Orit Maimon is a swinger it seems and a major w***e. And she wonders why her daughter Danielle is a w***e and Eden is a d**k licking f****t.

For the bros that are looking to blow her back out and nut all over that face hit her up at 818-321-8850

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