Charity Lynn (Donaldson) Shadwell Bennett

This peice of nastiness is currently living on 442 South Laurel Avenue, Springfield, MO she’s like a cult leader brainwashing her victim and her victim’s family members into her pathological manipulative sociopathic lies … Charity is back at it again she found a new victim [Nathan August Leeper] they both met each other at a community church Charity is pretending to be pregnant by her new victim she has him brainwashed really bad saying she’s 6 weeks pregnant 😂she’d would make excuses not to get an actual pregnancy test done “not from dollar tree!” what professional doctors provide at clinics and hospitals such as planned parenthood she’s not pregnant she’s very well known faking pregnancy tests… her previous pregnancy over an year ago her son Kegan Tyler that kid was removed by child protective services for child neglect… and she doesn’t know who the father is it could be her father’s or one of her pimps nobody wants to bang a chick with DRDs

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  • I lied about being pregnant by Nathan so what’s the point of any of this ?

    • Everything mentioned in this article is very 100% true and nathan leeper has nobody to back his little hoe of an fiancee up since Chairty herself can’t control any of his social media accounts, Chairty is very well known for pretending to her multiple boyfriends on social media she sets up accounts for them which is they never use them by talking in 3rd person, and a week ago she was pretending to be the Springfield police department on Instagram, there’s been an ongoing investigation involving her in blackmailing, cyberbullying a 16 year old girl from Texas child exploitation with child p**n of the minor…

  • She’s apathological liar, and constantly lying about my big brothe0r and always stalking him .