Basement Dweller Charity Lynn Bennett

She’s not pregnant ’cause there’s no proof no ultrasound or an sonogram so get the hint she’s faking a pregnancy just to get free stuff and food stamps and lying about how much of an income that her fake fiancé is making what income from working at McDonald’s 😄 how is that supposed to support a baby more like an nonexistent baby say more like an stomach tumor that could be fake too since she’d faked stage 2 stomach cancer she’s practically living in the basement of her fake fiance’s grandparents and they’re not really engaged it’s all fake she pulls this type of attention seeking fakery all of the time when she’s in a countless toxic relationship that only lasts up to an month or two then she’ll move on to the next instant fantasy world and brainwash another random dude/victim that she meets off of the streets to use them for their income until they run outta money…. just watch and see she’ll fake another miscarriage a woman can’t tell how long she is at 8 weeks of pregnancy and her so-called due date is in dec 14, 2020 another 😄 she doesn’t know when she’d conceive her nonexistent fetus none of her fakery adds up s please peopl don’t pay attention to her fake baby shower registry wish list on upscale target it’s a scam walmart wasn’t good enough for her fake pregnant fat a*s.

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  • I didn’t know that sterile females can get pregnant 🤦‍♂️ 😄 her pregnancy is fake there’s no actual evidence of an ultrasound or sonogram ignore her baby shower registry list at target it’s a scam.