Exposing Homewreckers

We’re here to help victims of infidelity spread the word about mistresses, male sluts and other types of homewrecker. We provide an open forum for people all around the United States and abroad to discuss the topic of infidelity, share your story of a homewrecker ruined relationship, warn others of local homewreckers, and offer support to victims of unfaithful partners.

What is a Homewrecker?

homewrecker (also refered to as home-wrecker; home wrecker) is defined as a person who is blamed for the breakup of a longterm relationship, especially a marriage or family, especially due to having engaged in an affair with one member of a couple. Example of homewrecker used in a sentence: “she was accused of being a homewrecker”

Darren Ambler-Toxic- Porno Addict- Sociopath- Prostitute- Liar- Sex & Drug addict- Herpes carrier-DNA- Paternity confirmed (Danny Ambler) awaiting Hearing:

Darren Ambler/ Male Prostitute-Cheater/S*x & Drug addict/ P***o addict- Herpes Infected-Liar-Illegitimate Children/ Sociopath/ Abusive/ Rape/ Threatening Behavior/Foul Mouthed/Incompetent Remember Darren is a drug addict and pusher. He is positive for Herpes and HIV. He has bi sexual tendencies and an obsession with Hookers. Very mentally sick and demented. ******************************************************* Darren Ambler is a S*x addict…

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